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Darcie Wilde writes her classically styled (not to mention stylish) mysteries as well as adventurous romances from a university town in a certain northern-midwestern state that has been known to bear some passing resemblance to a mitten.  When not writing, she’s reading, cooking, hiking, swimming, climbing things, raising her rapidly growing son and trying to convince her cat — Buffy the Vermin Slayer — not to do any further damage to the furniture.

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Wilde, and Mysterious

useful womanI can’t tell you how delighted I am at the reception my new historical mystery series is receiving.  Thanks to all the fabulous Goodreads readers who are saying:

“This book was an all-around fabulous surprise.”


I really loved this witty, Agatha-Christie-style mystery set in Regency England.”


What an exciting, intriguing foray into Regency-Era Society!

We’ve got an excerpt, and more reviews and all the links to buy your own copy, right here:


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