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  1. Meg

    Just finished this book on Audible. Was up till 2 am on a work night listening. So far I am loving this series, can’t wait for the next one. Only complaint is I wanted to yell at the other characters near the end at the police station to get out of the room and leave Rosalind ALONE with Adam Harkness. Was hoping for a other “almost kiss” scene like the one from the first book which was so well done. Oh well maybe next time! I hope Rosalind somehow ends up with Mr. Harkness but, also hope she takes a good long time in getting there. Nothing worse than when the delicious romantic tension in a series is suddenly all resolved and the characters settle down with 2 cats and a picket fence. Usually I’m annoyed with anachronistic female charcters who find it easy to up and marry “below their station” in the historical context of having been trained to make a “good match” since childhood. However, I don’t find the possibility of Rosalind and Mr. Harkness eventually comimg around to an understanding to be off putting in the least as long as the series continues as it has been going and it’s not quick, neat or easy for her to give up on her first love and the chance to become a Dutchess (A Dutchess for God’s sake, it would be torture for most women to turn that down even in modern times). Very excited to see how this unfolds. Hope there will be many more Rosalind Thorne books to follow.

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