Historical Romance

An Exquisite Marriage

Even wallflowers find a way to bloom…   They were dismissed as hopeless—girls too plain, too shy, too gauche to stand any chance in the ruthless competition of the London season. But Helene Fitzgerald, Madelene Valmeyer, and Adele Edmundson have no intention of remaining wallflowers. Aided by the notorious novelist, […]

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The Stepsister’s Triumph:

THE STEPSISTER’S TRIUMPH Regency Makeover Vol. II Three girls determined to remake themselves and their fortunes and turn their season from tragedy to triumph.  But do these three wallflowers even stand a chance? Madelene Valmeyer has never felt welcome in her father’s house. The daughter of his first wife, she […]

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Lord of the Rakes

A BEST FIRST HISTORICAL ROMANCE NOMINEE FOR 2014 FROM RT BOOKLOVERS MAGAZINE All of London knows Phillip Montcalm’s name. It’s on the lips of a different lady every night… So it’s no wonder he’s called the Lord of the Rakes. Talk of his prowess as a lover and his ingenuity […]

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